11/10/15 4:43 PM

Samantha Learns It From Nayanthara




Actress Samantha is always a front runner in film industry in many aspects. Sam is enjoying the star status and is getting ready to play challenging roles. Samantha made her debut in Tollywood with the film Ye Maya Chesave and Chinmayi has been lending her voice to Sam since then. Though there were many attempts by Samantha in the past to dub on her own, it was impossible for her as she has hectic work schedules. But now, the star heroine has made her mind to enter dubbing theatre for the first time. Samantha is all set to spring a surprise to Telugu audiences with her next film A..Aa… – Anasuya Ramalingam vs. Anand Vihari by dubbing for her characterin the film. Nayanathara is the star heroine who dubbed on her own for the role Kadhambari in the film Naanum Rowdydhaan, for which she is being applauded. Samantha realized that roles that she plays will get double attention if she dubs on her own.So, Sam has already got one good role in the Trivikram’s film A..Aa in which she is acting opposite hero Nithin and is going to dub give her own voice.



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