12/8/15 11:55 AM

Sankarabharanam Makers Try to Prevent Loss

Nikhil Siddharth and Nanditha starrer Sankarabharanam that released last week has got negative response. Right from day one, audiences have lost interest in the film and started posting negative reviews. The routine content that was made with Kona’s mark screenplay is said to have made the damage. They called this regular subject a different attempt and makers pinned lots of hope on making more money. But Tollywood viewers rejected the marketing strategy of Kona venkat and he did not make any statement regarding the film post release. It is Nikhil, the lead actor who accepted that there are flaws in his film Sankarabharanam.
Sankarabharanam which hit screens amid great expectations has failed to reach them and the film also lacks freshness. The runtime appeared too long. In order to salvage the film, makers have decided to trim it by 12 minutes. Sankarabharanam unit wants to attract audiences with the latest act as they felt that they are missing out the audiences with the lengthy film. Let’s see if this works out.

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