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Sardaar Gabbar Singh Review | Pawan Kalyan | Kajal | Bobby


Powerstar Pawan Kalyan provided story and screenplay for Sardaar Gabbar Singh and he is also the co-producer of the film. The much awaited film finally hit the theatres yesterday. Let us check the review of Sardaar Gabbar Singh.
An orphan kid who is not afraid of death.. He names himself as Sardaar Gabbar Singh. A police officer (Tanikella Bharani) who is impressed with takes him home and raises him. The boy grows old and turns an Inspector. He is hero Sardaar Gabbar Singh. Sardaar who works at India – Nepal border gets transferred to Rattanpur. Bhairav SIngh who lives in Rattanpur snatches people ‘s properties and uses them for mining. There lives a royal family in Rattanpur that loves people. Since the royal family is left with no money, they help people by selling valuable articles present in the palace. Arshi (Kajal) is a princess in the family. Sardaar and Arshi fall in love with each other at the first sight. Sardaar stops hairav Singh ‘s atrocities, because of which enemity begins between the two. How Sardaar Gabbar Singh relieves people of Rattanpur from the evil deeds of Bhairav Singh makes the remaining part of the story.
In his own making style, director Bobby has newly shown a story that is quite routine. Though hero, heroine, villain etc make up a common formula film, Bobby made the film better by chosing a different context, characters of roles, blending some comedy with Sardaar ‘s role. Music composed by Devi Sri Prasad and stunts by Ram Lakshman are good. Sai Madhav ‘s dialogues did not fit well in the story but they are good. Cinematography by Arthur A Wilson is great. Gautham Raju should have been given more freedom of editing.

Pawan Kalyan who dedicated the film to his fans has tried to provide all factors that fans expect from him. He did well with comedy. Though there are several comedians like Ali, Brahmanandam, Prudhvi and Jabardasth gang, Pawan is the one who makes the most comedy in Sardaar. Kajal is restricted to songs. Saradh Khelkar is not bad as a villain. No other characters are worth much discussion.

Pawan ‘s acting
Bobby ‘s taking
Songs, picturization of fights
Interval scene
No great scenes between hero and villain
Duration of the film
Songs, fights and Pawan ‘s action are good. A story that is apt for all these would have been perfect.
RATING – 3.0/5.0



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