04/18/16 4:19 PM

Sardaar Gabbar Singh vs Attharintiki Daredi


Attharintiki Daredi is the biggest hit in Pawan Kalyan ‘s career and Sardaar Gabbar Singh is the biggest disaster. Trade talk reveals that Sardaar has collected Rs. 60 crores in first week after release. This is the biggets record for a Tollywood hero. But Sardaar remains a disaster because… the opening collections of Sardaar are Rs. 34 crores and the film collected Re. 26 crores during next six days. During the next week, the Pawan Kalyan starrer would probably make a maximum of Rs. 5 to 6 crores. It is estimated that distributors of Sardaar Gabbar Singh will incur losses of Rs. 30 crore. The case of Attharintiki Daredi is quite opposite. The estimated profit obtained on that film is nearly Rs. 30 crores. What is it that Attharintiki Daredi has and Sardaar Gabbar Singh lacks? Let us see in the points below:

1.There were atleast five strong characters like Nadiya, Boman Irani, Mukhesh Rishi, Brahmanandam, MS and Pawan Kalyan in Attarintiki Daredi. Including Kota Srinivasa Rao and Rao Ramesh, they are eight. Coming to Sardaar Gabbar Singh, apart from Pawan, there is no other strong character.

2.There is great sentiment in Attharintiki Daredi but in Sardaar Gabbar Singh no sentiment was included though there is scope for it… Fr example, scenes like evacuating the village, villain ‘s men transforming school into a gambling house etc.

3.All songs in Attharintiki Daredi are hits but in Sardaar, three songs are not bad.

4.In Attharintiki Daredi, there are small twists that are sudden. For example, Pranitha falling in love with another person and not Pawan Kalyan.

5.The main difference on top of all others is… all scenes in Attharintiki Daredi are great and some are extraordinary. For example, Ahalya episode, Pawan ‘s action as a fake baba etc. Coming to Sardaar Gabbar Singh, there is no scene that excites audiences to peak level or makes them emotional. There is no memorable scene in the film.

6.If we check the flow of Attharintiki Daredi and Sardaar Gabbar Singh on ECG, the difference can be noted. While Sardaar runs between 2 and 3 on the graph, it reaches 4 in one or two scenes only. In case of Attharintiki Daredi, the graph proceeds on 3, it reaches 4 and 5 at times. Ahalya episode, Kaatama Rayuda song, climax (however, evacuating railway station is a bit too much)…some such scenes have connected very well with audiences. If we put aside the logic factor and look at Sardaar entertainment wise, it can be awarded a rating of 3.0. In the same way, Attharintiki Daredi gets 3.6.

This difference of 0.6 has incurred loss of Rs.30 crore to distributors of Sardaar Gabbar Singh. So, that is how it happens!





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