05/18/16 3:02 PM

Scene Reverse: Woman Attacks Man with Acid


Pervert men are seen attacking women for various reasons like love, sex or extramarital affairs. When they cannot make a woman love them, they do not want any other person to have her. We have heard of several cases of sexual abuse, rape and harassment but here is a scene reversed. A woman attacked a young man with acid.

The incident took place in Uttar Pradesh. Going into detail, a young man named Amit Varma (28) set up a pet clinic in Vaishali in Ghaziabad district. A 45-year-old woman had been harassing him to have an affair to fulfill her desires. But the veterinarian rejected her. With this, the woman developed grudge on Amit.

In order to take revenge on the man, the woman, on one fine day, went to Amit Varma ‘s clinic carrying 4 litres of acid. She splashed acid over him at once and ran away. The veterinarian who was severely burnt was shifted to hospital by a friend of his. He then lodged complaint with the police on the woman. Amit Varma is suffering severe burns on chest and abdomen areas. Doctors revealed that his position is critical. Police are in search of the absconding woman.



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