06/27/15 5:49 AM

Section 8 or Revanth Reddy Bail? Choose 1 Option Chandrababu!

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The central Home Ministry that suddenly called Governor Narasimhan of telugu states to arrive at Delhi has reportedly told him to make peace between the two parties. While TDP is tangled with cash-for-vote case, TRS is roped into phone tapping issue. Both parties try to free themselves from the issues. In case they say to each other ‘I will overlook your mistake, you do the same with mine’, what about Section-8? Chandrababu’s major responsibility now is to get Revanth Reddy bailed, after which he will put forward again the question of Section-8 for the safety of Andhra people in Hyderabad. Leaving the matter of Section-8 to central government, if Governor asks the two CMs to slow down investigation procedure in Revanth Reddy’s cash-for-vote and phone tapping, which lie in the hands of both CMs, then there is no other go. Though Revanth Reddy’s case is being handled by court, decision will be made by court based on the arguments by government. It cannot resist granting bail if government’s arguments themselves are not strong enough. Suppose the Telangana government says, “We will not block Revandth Reddy’s bail if you disregard phone tapping and Section-8”, will Chandrababu Naidu compromise or not? This is the question now. There are more chances of compromising since Babu prefers Telugu Desam Party to his nation and leaders of TDP to people of the nation. Needless to say that Babu will take care of not losing votes of Seemandhra people in Hyderabad. So, back to cages, all fake lions that have been roaring for Section-8!



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