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Section 8-Strange Arguments from TS, AP Governments


Section-8 controversy arouse one year after division of Andhra Pradesh, with cash-for-vote being the reason for it. While government of AP is firm that Section-8 should be imposed, Telangana government says it would be depriving its people of their rights. Though the T-government disagreed with Section-8 in past, there was not much intensity in it. Telangana being in the mindset of being content with separation of Telangana alone at that point of time was the reason for not getting into a strict fight against Section-8. So, the aspects in state division act were also not discussed by them.

Telangana separatists created ruckus when leaders supporting united AP ripped division bill papers. ‘AP Reorganisation bill is similar to holy epics like Bible, Quran and Bhagavath Geetha to Telangana people, how could such papers be torn?’, they questioned. Surprisingly, they now say that their so called ‘holy epic’ ‘AP reorganization bill’ or its aspect ‘Section-8’ should not be implemented in Hyderabad. Does it mean that only certain slokas in their epic are holy and the others are not? The bill was passed in parliament. Imposing sections that they want and opposing those that are inconvenient to them…leaders themselves should justify to what extent this is right.




‘Imposing section-8 and giving powers to Governor implies President’s rule’, argues Telangana weirdly. If that is to be made true, for President’ rule, firstly the parliament has to be dissolved and ministries should be made stagnant. Neither of these happened so far. Financial security of various organisations set up in Hyderabad, people’s safety, appointment of Police Commissioners etc., lie in the hands of Governor. Since all those aspects have no issues now, Telangana government argues that there is no necessity of Section-8. Does T-government not know that physical damage alone does not account to threats to peace and safety aspects in a state? Telangana government raised another argument that 123 out of 142 organisations in Schedule 10 belong to them because they physically lie in the geography of their state. AP government complained on this to the Governor, the President and also the central government. It is a fact that all the organizations were set up making use of resources generated in united Andhra Pradesh, which had Hyderabad as the capital. This implies that allocation now has to be done based on assets, debts, employees and population. Since Telangana government is totally reluctant to agree to this, the AP government immediately raised the topic of Section-8, seeking Governor’s help.

TDP government’s mistake is also evident in the matter of Section-8. Chandrababu and his government that did not utter a word when issues like fee reimbursement of students, allocation of employees, state entry tax in Hyderabad etc., suddenly brought Section-8 into picture when cash-for-vote scam was highlighted, which the public feel is not correct. With his haste and confusion, he created a thought in the minds of Telangana people that they would lose their rights if Section-8 is implemented, because of which they turned against it.

The responsibility of imposing Section-8 lies on Governor. Current situation might seem peaceful. But these leaders who created disturbances among people for their political wellness might make situations much worse in future. Hence, it would be better if Governor takes measures for implementing the aspects included in AP state division act, before the issue between two parties turns an issue between two states.



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