02/17/16 12:04 PM

Selfie 1260 ft Above Ground


Youth are totally obsessed with selfie. Many are losing their lives with craziness for clicking selfies at dangerous spots. Three adventurous persons from China recently clicked a selfie 1270 feet above the ground. Their picture is now going viral over social media. 21-year-old Vitaly Raskalov, 25-year-old Vakim Makhorov are photographers who belong to Russia and Ukraine and often go on adventures in the name of On The Roofs. As a part of this, they, along with a third man, climbed the Shun Hing Tower in Shenzen, China and clicked pictures, This is the 28th tallest building in the world and is 1260 feet tall.  The group recently climbed the Shanghai tower and shocked the world.  The Shanghai tower is 2,073 feet tall. Also they shot a video of their climbing and uploaded on YouTube. The video got about 7 lakh views in 6 days.



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