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Selfie Obsession Kills Teenage Girl

Anna-Ursu selfie death.

Selfies are leading to deaths. Youth are putting their lives at risk by trying out adventures for selfies now-a-days. Recently, a teenager lost her life while trying to adventure for selfie. The ghastly incident was witnessed in Romania. Going into detail…


Anna-Ursu selfie death.

Anna Ursu died while attempting to take a selfie


Anna Ursu, an 18 year old Romanian girl mounted a train to click selfie so that she could upload it on facebook. Ursu might have thought of taking a picture different from the regular ones. So she reached a nearby railway station, mounted a train and tried to take a special selfie. Meanwhile, her leg touched a live wire above, sending a very high voltage surge of up to 27,000 volts through her body. Ursu was ignited immediately due to the shock and her body suffered 50% burns. Co-passengers shifted the injured girl to a hospital but doctors could not save her. Ursu gave up while undergoing treatment.


Teenager died taking selfie

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