04/5/16 1:12 PM

Sensation: NTR to Set up New Political Party!


The present interesting discussion in political circles is on the future of Nandamuri Harikrishna and his son NTR. It is known that the two have been dissatisfied with TDP since some time. Most importantly, Harikrishna is unable to tolerate seeing Chandrababu and Nandamuri Balakrishna disregarding his son NTR for the political future of Nara Lokesh. It is with the support of them that Kodali Nani moved to YCP during last election. He was later elected from Gudivada. However, NTR had given his explanation in past that he is not involved in Kodali Nani ‘s shifting of party. Also it is a known fact among political circles that Hari Krishna is being more associated with YS Jagan Mohan Reddy now-a-days because of his bad terms with Chandrababu.
It is known that Harikrishna appeared in a car along with Kodali Nani at a government programme and the two were together throughout the programme. This incident should reveal how close Kodali Nani is to Jr. NTR ‘s family! This came as a shocker to TDP circles. They are unable to believe that Nandamuri Harikrishna who they believe is still one of their party leaders is very closely associated with Kodali Nani who abused the Telugu Desam Party when Jagan was in form in 2012. This association gave rise to speculation that Kodali Nani will shift back to TDP. Denying these rumours, Kodali has announced yesterday that he is not shifting parties and will be with Jagan till the end. And he mentioned that Harikrishna will be his political guru forever.
According to information that we obtained from confidential sources, Kodali Nani and Harikrishna have got a new plan that will be a twist in AP politics. They are making plans to make Jr. NTR launch a fresh political party. They are reportedly waiting for the right time to introduce NTR as the chief of a new political party. Also they have the idea of looking after the party affairs for a period of time so that the cinema career of NTR is not affected. They want to give space to NTR for films by involving him only in crucial matters related to the party and once he is ready to take up responsbility, they will handover the party affairs to him. They strongly believe that a cadre of TDP will join their new party. The trio of Harikrishna, Kodali Nani and NTR have not yet decided on when to launch their political party. Some upper grade political circles say that there is no wonder if they put up a party right before 2019 elections as a blow to TDP.
In past, Nandamuri Harikrishna introduced a political party under the name Anna Telugu Desam but he merged it with TDP since he was unable to run it. So, there are now collecting feedback from some politicians. While some have been extending their full support, some others have been telling them that the idea of a new political party is very risky and that they should give up since it is not very easy to run a party in the present scenario. Come what may, it seems that we will be witnessing several changes in the political aspects in Andhra Pradesh by 2019 elections. If Harikrishna and NTR strongly decide and begin a new political party, high drama between Nara and Nandamuri families seems unavoidable.



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