06/27/15 8:09 AM

Sensor Board official Trapped by CBI



The CBI has caught a corrupt official in censor board red handed while accepting bribe offered by a film producer. This has become the hot topic of telugu film industry. Going into detail…

A censor board official named Srinivas demanded Rs. 1 lakh from film producer Prasad Reddy for giving certificate to his film ‘Andala chandamama’. The producer requested the official several times saying that he could not afford that much money and that he should certify the film. But Srinivas refused to do it unless money comes to his hands. Prasad Reddy who was vexed with the official approached CBI, after which the CBI officials caught him red handed while accepting bribe of Rs. 10 thousand from the producer. A case was filed and investigation has been started.

Andala Chandamama casts Madhu Lagnadas, Aishwarya, Surya Teja, Ramana Lal and others. KS Murthy directed the film. Seniors in Tollywood are expressing displeasure about a censor board official doing such things and finally being caught by CBI. The topic has become the talk of TFI.



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