05/23/15 9:10 AM

Sexual Harassment of Sri Lanka Women Cricketers is true!


In sexual harassment of Sri Lankan women cricket team players that shocked the world, the inquiry team appointed to investigate the case handed its reports over to Sri Lankan Sports Association. According to the investigation evidence it had been found that the members of Sri Lankan National Women’s Cricket team have been abused sexually. Going into detail…

The members of Sri Lankan women’s cricket had been forced to perform sexual favours for the officials so that they could find a place in the National cricket team. The assault that came into light in last November shocked the entire worls. In order to know the truth by inquiring the Sri Lankan Cricket Board, a committee was formed to investigate the case. The committee was headed by Supreme Court’s retired judge Nimal Dissanayake and consisted of 3 members. After investigating for 6 months, the committee submitted reports to Sports Authorities. The reports made clear that alleged sexual harassment of players of Sri Lanka women’s national cricket team were true. It was mentioned that there are proofs to explain that female cricketers had been forced into sexual activities by some members of the management team. The Sports Ministry of the country mentioned that disciplinary action will be taken against sexual misconduct of officials in the cricket board. However, names of the accused officials are not yet announced.

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