03/19/16 5:55 PM

Shakalaka Shankar Expelled from Jabardasth


While there are many gossips making rounds in Telugu film nagar about Shakalaka Shankar ‘s behavior on the sets of Sardaar Gabbar Singh, some more spice has been added up to them with a news that came out lately. It is well known to us all that Shakalaka Shankar was shot to fame with the comedy show Jabardasth that is aired on ETV. Offers started pouring in for him afterwards. Since he was hooked with back to back films, it was believed that the comedian might exit Jabardasth show. Latest reports reveal that Shakalaka Shankar has been expelled from Jabardasth comedy show due to his imprudent behavior. Shankar has arrived drunk for shoot of Jabardasth one day. This created disturbance in shooting. Also he arrived drunk to Jabardasth show many times before this and made fuss, say sources. Jabardasth circles that were unable to tolerate this kind of behavior of Shakalaka Shankar took this to the notice of Mallemala Productions head Shyam Prasad Reddy. He was infuriated on knowing about Shankar and expelled him from the comedy show.



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