01/4/16 2:38 PM

Shall We Wipe Pakistan Out? | Terrorism



Our India has 120 crore population. How big is Pakistan in front of us? How long should we keep pleading them? How many more of our soldiers should end their lives in Pak’s sneak attacks? How many more Mumbai attacks should people in our nation witness? Why are negotiations being done instead of wiping Pakistan out?

These are the thoughts and feelings of every responsible Indian citizen after bloody Pakistani terrorists sneaked into India and killed seven of our soldiers at Pathankot Air Base. Every Indian is enraged with the atrocities committed by Pakistan. Indian PM Modi visited Lahore, shook hands with Pak PM Nawaz Sharif and touched his mother’s feet for blessings. In return to this, Pakistan is taking the lives of our soldiers. How long should we bear these acts by dumb Pakistanis? What if we wipe Pakistan out?

True..Pakistan is frustrating us. Apart from destroying itself, Pakistan is sabotaging India as well. Democracy is just for namesake in that country because the entire power les in the hands of army. Even Prime Minister has to keep his mouth shut and obey army. Pakistan that turned base for terror groups is a failed state. Though we attack Pakistan or not, it is going to collapse in another 10 to 15 years. But shall we wait and watch whatever Pak does till then? Shall we tolerate all their viciousness till that time? Here is the answer to these questions…

Finishing Pakistan is a snap to the Indian army. If Prime Minister and President give a sigh, Pakistan will be wiped out in three or four days. But the actual issue is not just Pakistan. It is much complicated. We are not sure whether they borrowed, stole them from China or China supplied to Pakistan but they have nuclear bombs with them. These dangerous nuclear bombs are with Pak army. This is the reason our nation is waiting for Pakistan to collapse all by itself.

Another reason why our nation is being very patient is… Our rival nation China is a staunch ally of Pakistan. Only of the economically strong China gets rid of its pride, we can handle Pakistan. In order to make it happen, our India should grow much stronger economically and China should see a downfall in its economy at the same time. Our central government is designing schemes like Make in India and Silk India to aid financial growth of India. How will China see a downfall in economy? It lies in our hands. We Indians are buying Chinese goods abundantly since they are available at cheaper rates. China is dumping lots of its goods at very low-cost in India to destroy economic standards of our country. Right from mobiles phones and Ganesha idols to Diwali crackers and fireworks, all that we buy are Chinese products. This is adding strength to China. Also workers in India are losing employment because of this. Production in India is going down. Another adverse effect of this is that workers in the country will be left with nothing. Government should have to implement many more social schemes to aid them. So, what should we do firstly? Use Swadesi products. If not, use products manufactured in India. If this is also not possible, encourage companies of Japan which is our ally and enemy of our enemy China.

Secondly…We already discussed that it is not a big deal for 120 crore Indian population to wipe Pakistan out. This could seem like an overstatement but we have something to be learnt from it. UNITY. If we fight among ourselves in the name of caste, creed, province, language and other differences, how would there be unity? All our neighboring countries are slowly becoming counterforce to India. Even small countries like Bangladesh and Sri Lanka are developing at a fast pace. In order to stand the tough competition, we should have unity among ourselves.

Thirdly, we should strengthen the system in our country. Our highly corrupt leaders and officials might even trade our nation for money. These tainted persons do not hesitate to hand their wives and daughters over to terrorists for money. Our citizens are not safe in the hands of such leaders. We should oppose corruption, whichever form it might be. People should voice out and condemn when someone is being corrupt, irrespective of whoever it is.

Only if all the above three happen, our India will be safe.

Finally, the two-year-old daughter of Colonel Niranjan who died in the line of duty in Pathankot firing is questioning us how much we are valuing her father’s sacrifice. The family of every Martyr is saying “Our people have sacrificed their lives for the country. What did you do for it?” Shall we give them an answer or remain dumb?



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