06/30/15 12:43 PM

Shame on Bangladesh: Insults Indian Cricketers with Half-shaved Heads



Bangladesh over-celebrated the first-time-winning of its cricket team over Team India. A popular Bangladeshi weekly named Rosh-Alo exaggerated their victory. Having no sportive spirit in any corner, an article insulting Indian cricket players was published in the newspaper. An abusive photo was also published. In the picture, Bangladeshi cricket player holds a cutter in his hands. Text on the image read, “Tiger Stationery, Made in Bangladesh, Murtafiz Cutter is available in Stadium Market, Mirpur, Dhaka”. Below the text lied the images of Indian cricketers with half-shaved heads. Indian cricket captain Dhoni, Virat Kohli, Dhawan, Jadeja, Aswin, Rohit, Rahane hold a banner in the image. The text saying ‘We used it, you also use it’ appeared on the banner. This shameful act has not only triggered controversy in India but also agitated sportspersons all around the world. Some cricket officials said that such acts will lead to creating differences among countries. The Bangladesh government is demanded to respond and to take action against Rosh-Alo.



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