10/29/15 3:30 PM

SHE Teams Catch 281 Eve-Teasers in Hyderabad in a Year




The SHE teams have caught as many as 281 eve-teasers in Hyderabad from October, 2014 through October, 2015, said a police official. ‘The SHE teams were set up the previous year with the objective of putting a break to eve-teasing, harassment and ensuring safety of women in Hyderabad city,’ said Additional Police Commissioner Swathi Lakra. Of the 281 eve-teasers caught, 129 were minors. Accused were caught based on various crimes like stalking and teasing, passing lewd comments, trying to touch inappropriately at crowded places, sending abusive messages to the victims on their mobiles, making calls and talking indecently during late nights. Harassment through social media like Facebook and e-mails and using previous friendship or proximity, photos, videos and trying to blackmail the victim online were some of the ways seen. Cases were also booked for public nuisance using bikes, four wheelers, etc to attract the attention of the ladies near colleges, schools, etc. 12 cases were booked under the Nirbhaya Act, besides 10 IPC cases in different police stations were registered apart from 126 petty cases. 19 persons were jailed, 101 persons were fined, 39 were warned and let off. Till now, a total of 883 complaints were received through various means and attended to. Volunteers from all age groups, reformed accused, NGOs, and eminent persons from all the fields, including the print and electronic media, are doing their best possible to help in taking forward the programme as a people’s movement to change the mindset of the people as a whole gradually,” Swathi Lakra said. The official mentioned that juvenile offenders are counseled and made to participate in anti-eve teasing campaigns.



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