09/1/15 8:37 AM

Sheena Bora is Alive: Indrani mukherjea

SHEENA  bora INDRANI mukherjea



Indrani Mukherjea, founder of 9X and wife of Star India’s former CEO, allegedly claimed that her daughter Sheena Bora is alive and is in the US. Indrani said that Sheena is not coming forward because she hates her. It is known that Indrani was arrested for allegedly murdering her 22 year old daughter Sheena in 2012. Sheena was killed by her mother Indrani and her former husband Sanjeev Khanna with the help of their driver. Her body was dumped in Raigad forest, 85 km away from Mumbai. Police also claimed to have found her remains at the spot. Indrani Mukherjea now claiming her daughter is alive added a new twist to Sheena Bora’s murder case.



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