07/7/15 8:29 AM

Shiv Sena Emphasizes on Family Planning in Muslims

Shiv Sena made controversial comments on Muslims once again. Due to the increasing Muslim population, there will be language and geographical imbalance, Shiv Sena said in its mouthpieces Saamana and asked PM Modi to emphasize to Muslims on the necessity of adopting family planning.




Shivsena said that increasing the Hindu population to compete with Muslim population will not be solution. Hence government should equally emphasize on all communities to adopt family planning. “From 2001-11, Muslim population increased by around 24 per cent and must have increased by another 5-10 per cent till 2015. The increasing population will cause language, geographical and sentimental imbalance and will create cracks in the unity of the country,” said Shivsena in the editorial.

“The Prime Minister should clearly tell Muslims to obey the law of the land and accept the necessity of family planning. The PM promised to address their issues even if they knock his doors midnight. But, will Muslims similarly run to help the country?” Saamana questioned. “More than Lokpal, the country needs a Common Civil Code in place,” it said. “Whoever wants to try Ghar Wapsi can do so. We do not oppose it. But this is not the solution to stop Islamic onslaught on the country. Pakistan has an Islamic government. Even countries like Iraq have an Islamic government. But in those countries, human lives there do not have much dignity. On the contrary, countries like Turkmenistan, that have adopted modern technology are in the race with Europe and America. Modi government should knock the doors of Muslims and apprise them with this fact,” the Shivsena said.

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