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Shivam Movie Review | Ram | Rashi Khanna


Shivam movie starring energetic hero Ram under debutant Srinivasa Reddy’s direction, produced by Sravanthi Ravi Kishore was released today. Did the debutant director show freshness in his first film? Will Shivam be a plus to hero Ram’s career? Let us have a look at the review of the film…





Shiva (Ram) who takes any level of risk for love marriages gets the daughter of a central minister from wedding venue to unite her with lover. He escapes from the minister and his people. He falls in love with Tanuja (Rashi Khanna) who is rehearsing for a drama in farm fields while he is travelling by train. He immediately jumps off the train and starts following her. Before this could happen, Shiva gets into dispute with the son of a small politician named Bhojireddy when he gets down at previous station for lighter. Bhojireddy sends his people to get hold of the person who hit his son. Shiva settles in Kurnool to win Tanuja’s love. Meanwhile, Abhi gang(Abhimanyu’s gang) also searches for Shiva. On the other hand, Prabha (Brahmanandam) who incurs loss due to Shiva and Shiva’s father (Posani) who does not like son’s behavior also go in search for killing him (you may think why and how a father would kill his son if he does not like his behavior but director and producer of the film might have had no such feeling). How does Shiva escape from all the gangs trying to kill him? What is the specific reason for Shiva taking extreme risks to unite lovers?…Watch it on big screen.


Performance of artists:

Ram starred in many roles that portray similar character. So, he it in well in his role in Shivam. He simply rocked with dance moves in songs. His action was average. Heroine Rashi Khanna’s role could have had scope for action but director limited it to dances and romance with hero, thus restricting to glamorous scenes only. Vineet Kumar showed Vikramarkudu film once again as Bhojireddy (True..Dialogues are very similar to those in Vikramarkudu). Abhimanyu Singh’s role as villain seems comic. Brahmanandam, Posani, Srinivas Reddy, Jabardasth batch, Fish Venkat, Prabhas Srinu tried their best to make audiences laugh from beginning till the end of the film.



Rasool who delivered excellent photography for many films did the same in Shivam as well. Especially the songs shot outdoor were filmed extraordinarily colorfully by Rasool. Only two songs composed by Devi Sri Prasad are impressive. He improved a lot when it comes to background score. Peter Hein worked hard since there are fight scenes every now and then in the film. There are several fight scenes and some chase scenes in Shivam. He tried to workout different stunts in each fight scene. Coming to editing… Shivam movie has an editor only for namesake because he did nothing other than attaching various scenes that were shot. Extra scenes were not cut at all. Coming to script…dialogues written by Kishore Tirumala and Srinivasa Reddy are not effective. Director Srinivasa Reddy wrote a very short story, which failed to become a good one even after attaching several scenes. The flashback story narrated by hero for why he risks to get lovers married is not convincing. Hero going behind heroine all the time to make her fall in love with him, all villain gangs (including hero’s father) trying to kill villain, hero’s father himself telling greatness of his son to heroine during climax…all these seem hysterical. Since the actual story is very short, many scenes and characters are added to it, making the entire story sluggish. It does not give you the ‘good-movie’ feel.





They say you should not search for logic in cinema. However, Telugu audiences have not reached a stage wherein they accept fictitious stories as facts. Many films have already been made on the storyline that has been chosen for Shivam. Considering this film, since there is not much freshness in directing the story, it feels like you are watching an old film once again. Finally, there is nothing new in story, screenplay and it is tough for Shivam to attract audiences.



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