05/20/16 10:20 AM

Shock to Brahmotsavam in AP


There came a huge shocker to producers and distributors of Brahmotsavam by the time of release. This seems to show impact on the end result.

Ronu cyclone is turning severe. There has been severe rainfall in coastal Andhra since two days. Since cyclone is intensifying day by day, people are afraid of coming out of houses.

Not only for Brahmotsavam but Coastal market is crucial for any Telugu film. The market in Godavari districts and Krishna district is as huge as that of Hyderabad. In order to watch the first show of their favourite hero ‘s film, fans spend thousands of rupees to buy tickets. Due to the effect of cyclone, public will not go to the theatres to watch the film apart from hardcore fans.

Brahmotsavam is a family entertainer. Even if some people dare to go out in the rain to theatres, it is very difficult to watch along with families. Also in coastal Andhra, people are worried about agriculture, business and other occupations since everything will be drowned during cyclones. It is difficult for Brahmotsavam yo overcome all these and generate record collections.

Though Ronu cyclone shows great impact on  openings of Brahmotsavam, collections will resume once the cyclone settles down. Distributors are wishing for the same to happen soon.



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