11/7/15 2:19 PM

Shock to Man Who Claimed He is Chiranjeevi’s Son




It is known that a man named Ravinder approached HRC claiming to be Chiranjeevi’s eldest son, that he was the kid who acted in Pasivadi Pranam and is also ready for DNA tests. Human Rights Commision told him that the case cannot be dealt by it and asked him to approach court. Media who got to know that the person claimed to be megastar’s son showed interest and asked him a few questions. He started blabbering that he is the eldest son of Chiranjeevi and that the star’s romanctic angle like ND Tiwari will soon be known to all. The man mentioned that Allu Aravind comes to meet him secretly. He demanded that he be made a part of the family and wishes to be a hero like Ram Charan. When some mediapersons questioned him saying that the role in Chiranjeevi’s Pasivadi Pranam was played by a girl named Sujitha and asked what he was doing all these days if he really is Chiranjeevi’s son, the man was shocked for a while. He soon recovered and told them that he watched the movie recently and that was when he recollected past. Police grew suspicious over the man and took him into custody yesterday. We have witnessed many such incidents in past in which people play dramas to gain money from celebrities.



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