05/19/15 8:36 AM

Shocking: Fish with Legs found in America

mexican-axolotl_leg fish




Have you ever seen a fish with legs? If not, you should definitely have a look at these pictures. This legged fish has got craze over the internet. The unusual fish was found lying dead by the side of a pond in Colorado, USA. A man who clicked picture of it posted it on social media, asking what creature it is. The photo has now gone viral over internet. The fish comprising limbs like an amphibian is shocking those who look at the photograph. Some scientific researchers say that the creature is an amphibian that looks like a fish that is named axolotl. In regular usage, it is termed as Mexican Walking Fish since zoologists specify that the species is found only in Mexico, that also on a rare basis. But the creature making presence in America is surprising, they say. Scientists mentioned that the axolotls can swim in water and walk on land as well.


An-axolotl leg fish


Mexican leg fish



mexican-axolotl_leg fish


Mexican Leg fish.


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