03/29/16 11:58 AM

Shocking: Man Tied to Window and Beaten up


A shocking incident took place in Itarsi Railway station in Madhya Pradesh. A man was tied to window of a train and beaten up for arguing with a rebellious group. During the course of his journey on a train, a young man got into argument with a gang. Those people who were infuriated with him harassed him. They made him semi naked, tied him to the window of train and beat him with belts. While the man was being harassed, co-passengers and other people present at the station did not even try to stop them.

One will be shocked to know what the man had done to be assaulted so badly. All that he did was drinking water. Since he was very thirsty, the man drank two cups of water from bottles belonging to three men. Those people were enraged as the man did not seek permission to drink water from their bottles. They started questioning and arguing with him.

Going into detail, the victim ‘s name is Sumith (25), employed in Mumbai. He boarded Patna – Lokmanya Tilak Super fast Express train in Jabalpur to go home. During his journey, Sumith was very thirsty. He saw a water bottle in front of him. He picked it up and drank water from it. Three men, to whom the bottle belonged, started a fight with Sumith. They thrashed him black and blue. Wanting to punish him even more, the men pulled chain to stop the train, made him semi naked, pulled him out of the train and tied him to window of the train. Train driver who had no knowledge of the incident continued the journey. During next four hours, Sumith stayed there tied during the train journey. The train then reached Itarsy Railway station. The three men beat Sumith up again with belts. Though Sumith was crying out loudly in pain, the men showed no mercy. People present at the railway station noticed this and saved Sumith from the monsters.

Railway Police discovered that the three men are care of address for evil deeds and they belong to Patna. They were going to Mumbai to write an exam. Police filed case against the three. An unknown person recorded a video of the incident on his mobile phone and uploaded on the internet.



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