12/21/15 12:15 PM

Shocking: Rajamouli Reveals Baahubali VFX Budget


Baahubali, the epic film directed by SS.Rajamouli has been a sensation in India and around the world. It redefined Indian cinema. Baahubali has been a visual treat to onlookers with its high standard graphics. Computer graphics is one major element that contributed to the tremendous success of Baahubali. In an interactive session held at IIT Madras, SS. Rajamouli revealed about Baahubali VFX budget. He disclosed that not too much of money has been spent for graphics, as we all believe. Rajamouli said that Rs.22 crore has been spent for VFX part of Baahubali The Beginning. The director said he is very happy for getting splendid output by spending only Rs.22 crores. He mentioned that the standard of graphics used in Baahubali is much lower than those used in Hollywood films like Avatar and Life of Pi but he also reminded that the budget used for graphics in those films is many times greater than Baahubali VFX budget.

Biggies and technicians in Tollywood were awestruck on hearing the budget used for graphics in Baahubali. They are wondering how Rajamouli was able to bring out awesome output by investing such low amount of money. It is known that Baahubali The Beginning was made with an overall budget of Rs.140cr. 80% of the film involves graphics. So, many assumed that around Rs.40 to 50 crores would have been spent on VFX part. Rajamouli revealing that it is only Rs.22 crores is a shocker to everyone. Tollywood biggies are heaping praise for director Rajamouli in this context.



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