05/14/16 3:16 PM

Revenge Story of a Married Woman Shocks India


What a woman did to take revenge on her in-laws has now turned sensation. The twists in suicide of Raghavendra ‘s suicide story are more sensational than a thriller story.

The incidents that took place in Hasan village in Karnataka state have become popular all around the nation. A woman named Divya of the village got married to a man named Madhesh two years ago. This was the second time that Divya got married but she hid the matter from Madhesh. One year after their marriage, when Madhesh got to know the truth, he was extremely angry and left her. But he did not return the 8 lakh rupees dowry which he was offered at the time of wedding. With this, Divya decided to take revenge on Madhesh.

Money can be recovered either by lodging complaint with police or with the involvement of elders but Divya decided to psychologically harass her in-laws. To begin with, she targeted Madhesh ‘s brother, Raghavendra. Divya got closer to her brother-in-law Raghavendra in the name of Anu and took care that he could not find her photo. She continued the love affair through social media and phone. She trapped him in the disguise of another woman. She told him that she could not live without him. She remained in contact with her brother-in-law through a fake profile with the picture of a film actress. Raghavendra was head over heels in love with Anu. He was even ready to kill himself if she says to do so. He never knew that the woman he was in love with was his sister-in-law.

One fine morning, she called Raghavendra with a twist that elders had forcibly got her married to a man. Anu told him that she could not forget him and that their love will remain the same. She used many filmy style dialogues like ‘wherever I am, I will always love you’. She asked him to forget her. But Raghavendra who was totally depressed committed suicide. Everyone thought that he died because of love failure but did not know that it was because of his sister-in-law.

Since it was a suicide, police started inquiry. They interrogated Divya also. Divya, without hesitation, told the police that she only knew that Raghavendra had been in love with a woman for a year. She told them that her name is Anu and that her elders got her married to someone else. With her over intelligence, Divya told police that Anu also committed suicide and showed them pictures on the fake Facebook profile.

Police who were slightly doubtful over Divya collected the photos, details and proofs shown by her and started thorough investigation. They got the call records, suicide letter of Raghavendra and other history in the name of Anu. They got to know that the number belongs to Divya. That was when the police interrogated Anu alias Divya again and she confessed. She is in no way feeling guilty about what she had done. She feels that it is tit for tat.

Divya hid her first marriage and got married to Madhesh. When he left her after knowing the truth, he felt that the punishment to Divya would be not giving back the 8 lakhs dowry he received. Madhesh ‘s brother Raghavendra fell in love with a stranger and killed himself. Divya alleged that her brother-in-law behaved inappropriately with her. Raghavendra is now not alive to clarify this. This story is a blend of romantic, crime, suspense elements. This is an example to show the degrading family values in the country.



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