03/30/16 4:35 PM

Shortage of Milk in Karnataka because of Rajinikanth?


Superstar Rajinikanth is a sensation and so is anything that he does. Whatever his fans do makes headlines. The craze for things doings of Rajini ‘s fans has now caused trouble. There gave rise to a big problem in Karnataka now. They say that there is shortage of milk in Karnataka because of Rajinikanth. A case was also filed regarding the same. Abhisheka is usually observed when a film of a star hero is released. Many erect cut outs and flexi of their favourite heroes and perform abhisheka. A person in Karnataka has felt that a lot of milk is being wasted because of this. He filed a complaint with the court requesting court to pass orders to fans that conducting abhisheka should be stopped. Rajinikanth never wishes this kind of stuff to happen. He is more inclined towards service. What could anyone do when fans are not willing to listen! Everyone has their freedom. We have to wait to see how the court will respond to the issue.

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