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Shourya Movie Review | Manchu Manoj | Regina


Manchu Manoj and Regina Cassandra starrer Shourya directed by Dasaradh has hit the theatres. Let us see the review of the film.


Shourya (Manchu Manoj), a Harvard University passout who does not like to do a job tutors students. Netra (Regina Cassandra) is the daughter of MP. Sathyamurthy (Nagineedu). Shourya and Netra fall in love with each other at a friend ‘s marriage. Due to communication gap, Shourya misunderstands Netra. However, they patch up later and decide on getting married and leaving for Germany. As per Netra ‘s wish, the two sleep outside Lord Shiva temple on one night. Next morning, Shourya wakes up to see that Netra ‘s throat is slit. He takes her to hospital but Netra dies. Who kills Netra? Why? This makes the remaining part of the story.


Heroine Regina is very beautiful in the film. She fit in very well as Netra. Better not to talk much about Manchu Manoj as Shourya. Audiences need a heart as big as his body to accept him as a hero! Choosing  Manoj for the role is a big mistake committed by director. Prakash  Raj ‘s performance is as usual as a police officer. Prabhas Sreenu entertains well as Netra ‘s cousin. Nagineedu and Subba Raju did well in their roles. Remaining artists are also fine. Brahmanandam ‘s character is a waste one in the film.


Cinematographer Josh can be regarded as the one who gave life to the film. The entire film reminds us of a nice painting. Of the music composed by Vedha, two songs are good. Producer Malkapuram Sivakumar thoughtfully spent money. Coming to director Dasaradh, he tried to show the film as a crime thriller. He tried to attract audiences by adding a twist every 15 minutes. He tried to entertain audiences with ongoing comedy. He tried to convey the story without any confusion. Why we use the word ‘try’ many times is that the director only tried to do all those but failed to do so. The director who chose a nice story line developed it well with Gopi Mohan but ruined it by taking too much care. After the heroine’s throat is slit, audiences eagerly wait to know who has done it. In such a situation, if audiences have to enjoy the next scenes, they either have to be amazing comedy or romance. This is what is missing in Shourya. Thriller stories should run at a speed of 200 kmph. But Shourya runs at 50 kmph only. Even if the film is compressed to 2 hours duration, it feels like it is still being dragged. On the whole, a good try has been wasted.

Plus Points:

Freshness in story

Regina ‘s glamour

The way suspense is unveiled

Minus Points:

Manchu Manoj

Poor screenplay

Some confusing scenes


One time watch for the freshness in story.

Rating: 2.75/5.0



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