05/6/15 10:13 AM

Shweta Basu Reacts to Radhika Apte’s Nude Video Leak


Tollywood actress Shweta Basu Prasad who was caught redhanded in sex racket by police is back in news. She supported ‘Legend’ actress Radhike Apte in an issue. Radhika acted nude in a short film as scene demanded. Shweta said that issue is unnecessarily being made out of nudity in a scene. Going into detail…







It is known that recently, Radhika Apte acted nude in an English short film directed by Anurag Kashyap. As a scene in the short film demanded nudity, Radhika acted nude. She herself accepted it. Shweta Basu reacted to the leakage of nude video of Radhika Apte. She said that the scene was leaked by someone on purpose. Shweta said that she worked with director Anurag for the project and that the scene was shot with only 2 women present at the spot. She aggressed that some persons are creating ruckus by leaking the nude scene.

Shweta Basu supported Radhika Apte saying that the scene must be deleted if that short film is released in India. She completely supports Radhika. Due to the chaos created due to the nude video of Radhika Apte in India, Shweta feels that releasing the short film in India is not appreciable.


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