05/29/15 5:30 AM

Sikh Student Smashes British Bully!


A Sikh student in Britain smashed a teenager belonging to that country for trying to bully him. He chased and beat him till his anger levels got down. This is a lesson to the growing racism in the UK.




A student of Britain tried to show racism and insulted a Sikh student number of times. The Sikh student tried to explain him not to do so, after which the foreigne tried to attack the Sikh boy. That was when he counter attacked him. The British boy fell to the ground when punched. But the aggressed Sikh punched him continuously after that and smashed him. The attacked UK student tried to escape from the place the Sikh boy chased and hit him. The entire scene was shot by a spectator and uploaded on YouTube. The action video has now gone viral over the internet.




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