09/4/15 8:40 AM

Simbu Vs Nayanthara-The Big Fight!


Simbu’s troubles seem to have no end in near future. The actor recovered from continuous flops and the shocker from ex-girlfriend Hansika with the success of Vaalu, his recent starrer. During the time when Simbu’s career is supposed to have come back on track, his ex-girlfriend Nayanthara came forward with a blow. Going into detail…

The project Idhu Namma Aalu with Simbu’s father T.Rajender as producer and Pandirajan as director, started off two years ago. Most part of film was also done with shooting. But, due to financial crisis, remaining shoot of the film was halted. Simbu planned to finish shooting the film and release it soon. So, when they tried for actress Nayantara’s dates, she clearly said that she could not shoot anymore for Idhu Namma Aalu. She commented that she allotted many dates for the film but producer did not utilize them properly. She has to be paid a remuneration of Rs.2 crore, of which Rs.50 lakh is pending and yet to be given to Nayan by producer.




When Simbu and his father (producer) filed complaint with Tamil Film Producers Council and South Indian Film Artists Association against Nayanthara that she is reluctant to finish shooting the remaining part of the film, they mentioned that only a song and two or three scenes are pending and Nayan is not co-operative.

When representatives of Nadigar Sangam approached Nayan, she told them that she cannot allot dates to this film by cancelling her ongoing shoots of other films. Nayan clarified that she does not need the balance Rs.50 lakh and the only thing she wants is release of the film. Director Pandirajan also supported Nayanthara in the matter. He mentioned that the actress allocated her dates for 8 times in past 2 years for shooting one song and pending scenes but

The producer did not make use of them. (When Nayan was firm on not acting opposite Simbu after breakup, Pandiraj was the one who convince her to cast in this film)

So, as what Nayanthara has said is justifiable, some tamil seniors are trying to convince her to shoot remaining part of the film. They are also firing over Simbu saying that he has to convince Nayan when the film has to be completed but he is not doing so. They say that complaining against Nayan, who is right, will fuel her anger even more.



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