03/22/16 1:15 PM

Sireesh says He will Marry Girl More Beautiful than Srija


Megastar Chiranjeevi ‘s younger daughter Srija is tying the knot on the 28th of this month. Entire Mega family is very busy making arrangements for the grand wedding. It is known that Srija earlier fell in love with Sireesh Bharadwaj, went against her family, created fuss with the help of a TV channel and finally married him in Arya Samaj. She even approached the Supreme Court saying that they had threat from her father Chiranjeevi and uncle Pawan Kalyan. Saying that she had to approach Supreme Court since her family could influence if she approached High Court, Srija gave a statement. Srija and Sireesh even had a baby girl. Finally, she broke up with him stating reason that her former husband was harassing her for money. She went back to her family, applied for divorce and separated from Sireesh. Reliable sources reveal that Sireesh Bharadwaj is aggravated as his former wife Srija is remarrying. Unable to digest that she is soon going to tie the knot, Sirish has reportedly been firing on her about it with his companions. He said that he will soon marry a girl who is much more beautiful and goodhearted than Srija. Also he said that he will soon teach a lesson to those who cheated him, he said, say sources.

It is known that Sireesh Bharadwaj is actively working for BJP. During the time of elections, he created sensation by meeting with the then BJP PM candidate Narendra Modi. Various biggies, stars and CMs of states are finding it difficult to fix an appointment with PM Modi now. Telangana CM KCR who has been trying to meet Modi when he visits Delhi could not get to do so. Universal actor, Indian star hero Kamal Haasan could also not get Modi ‘s appointment in January. In this scenario, Sireesh Bharadwaj getting to meet Modi at his residence has turned a hot topic. BJP circles in Delhi were shocked to see this.



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