05/9/15 10:08 AM

Sivaji’s 10 Question Challenge to Venkaiah Naidu




Actor Sivaji is ready to do anything and everything for attaining special status for AP. The hero who once put up his hoardings with Venkaiah Naidu’s images on them, calling him ‘master’ is now questioning him. BJP leader Sivaji who initially launched an indefinite hunger strike demanding special status for AP and called off after 4 days due to intervention of police has now challenged Union Minister Venkaiah Naidu with 10 questions. They are..

  1. Aren’t you trying to avoid giving special status by pushing the entire blame on Financial Committee? Is it correct to do so?
  2. When PM can use his special powers to grant special status within 5 minutes, aren’t you trying to give lame excuses?
  3. Aren’t you (Venkaiah Naidu) lying on having tried for special status?
  4. Is’t it true that you didn’t even spare 5 minutes for thinking on special status after you became the Union Minister?
  5. You say our struggle is for publicity. Does that mean your struggle during Vishalandhra Movement was also for publicity only?
  6. You went to jail during Jai Andhra Movement. Is it for publicity?
  7. Aren’t you sacrificing the interests of the State only to be in the good books of Modi?
  8. Does BJP actually have the desire to develop AP?
  9. Why aren’t you speaking on behalf of AP?
  10. Why are you diluting the issue and underrating people who are fighting for the special status?

Will Venkaiah Naidu respond to these questions by Sivaji? Definitely not. Why would Venkaiah answer right questions put forward by a passerby like Sivaji? Would it not be insulting to the great minister..?!

But if You need answers for all these questions, share the post. Venkaiah Naidu did not respond to Sivaji. Let us all see if he would atleast respond to the lakhs of people who share the questions.


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