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Sivudu Raped Avanthika in Baahubali-A Journalist


Baahubali has been creating sensation in India with its records. A female who is aware of this fact has written an article with her feminist view. The name of this journalist, feminist is Anna MM Vetticad. She wrote an article titled ‘The Rape of Avanthika‘ in ‘The Hindu Business Line’. Here is what she actually wrote in the article..




“She, a brave warrior, lies on the banks of a lake, falling asleep with her slim hand in the water. Unknown to her, he — an absolute stranger — paints a flower on her wrist. Furious on discovering the drawing, she sets out to find out how it got there. He unleashes a serpent on her from behind, and while she stands frozen, he — still a stranger — etches another bloom on her shoulder before disappearing from the scene. Enraged at the assault, she takes off in search of the offender. When they finally meet face to face, he grabs her, and then comes a sexual dance as he pushes and pulls her about, unties her hair against her will, strips her of her practical fighter’s clothing and skilfully transforms the rest of her outfit into more ‘feminine’ garb. He forcibly smears natural dye on her lips to redden them and lines her eyes with the essence of crushed berries. At this point, she glimpses her transformed self in a sheet of water, and quivers coyly before their dance continues. She finally falls asleep in his arms.”

This was mentioned by Anna MM Vetticad in her article ‘The Rape of Avanthika’. She questioned what kind of a message all this sends to a young woman. “Prettified though it has been, the lead couple’s mating dance in Bahubali is unequivocal in its contention that it is okay to fool around with a woman without her knowing, or to force yourself on her when she resists, because that’s what courtship is all about”, she wrote. Vetticad expressed her dissatisfaction with such scenes in Tanu Weds Manu and Salman’s Kick movie also. “If you replace the handsome Prabhas with Shakti Kapoor (or another actor who usually plays villainous roles), would you still find his actions poignant?” she questioned.

Vetticad bothered about youth as she said, “The message to impressionable fans is that women secretly feel flattered by harassment — or what is euphemistically called ‘teasing’. Impressionable young minds are not the only ones though who shut their eyes to the trivialisation of sexual violence on screen and resist or fail to comprehend non-traditional definitions of consent — and informed consent — off screen.”

Now, discussing facts in Baahubali, Rajamouli has portrayed female characters very well in Baahubali. He showed them as great, proud and powerful. Sivagami, Mother who raised Sivudu, Avanthika and Devasena characters are given priority. Though there is scope for exposing in some songs in Baahubali, Rajamouli did not choose to do it. But Anna MM Vetticad found Avanthika’s scene obscene!

The title of her article that reads ‘The Rape of Avanthika’ will surely make readers wonder if the journalist has gone crazy. In Twitter, she mentioned herself as a world’s most committed feminist. Is that the reason she found the scene bad or is it really bad? What do you say?



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