10/31/15 1:04 PM

Size of Ozone Hole is Greater Than [ Russia + Canada ]

ozone hole

ozone hole


The size of hole above Antarctica has grown in record level. NASA mentioned that dangerous Ultraviolet rays could easily reach the earth through the hole. Scientists mentioned that the very low temperatures in stratosphere during 2015 are the reason for it. “This year it is certainly quite large and for this time of year it is one of the largest on record. What really determines the size of the ozone hole each year is really the meteorological conditions and this year it is extremely cold over the Antarctic and by this time of year normally warm air is starting to egress into that area and this hasn’t happened yet,” said Paul Krummel of Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO). The size if the hole in ozone layer was found to 2.82 crore km2 be larger than the size of Russia and Canada combined. NASA mentioned that ozone layer’s hole size increased in August and September due to increase of chlorine and bromine levels in atmosphere, which are emitted by manmade devices.


ozone hole size



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