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Size Zero Movie Review & Rating | Anushka Shetty

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Size Zero movie starring Anushka Shetty in lead role, directed by Prakash Kovelamudi in PVP Cinemas production hit screens today amidst great expectations. Let us check the review and rating of Size Zero movie.


Soundarya (Anushka) is a beautiful fat girl. Her father (Rao Ramesh) passes away during her childhood. Her mother (Urvashi) runs the family through a Dabbaware (Tupperware-like) business. Remaining members in Soundarya’s family include her grandfather (Gollapudi) and brother Yahoo (Master Bharath). Getting Soundarya married turns a tough job for her mother. Abhi (Arya), a guy who makes documentaries goes to see Soundarya for an alliance through a common friend to both families. However, they both don’t get married. Abhi likes Soundarya on knowing the social service that she does. Meanwhile, Simran (Sonal Chauhan) comes to India to offer services to society. Abhi becomes close to Simran who is slim and looks good. Soundarya feels that Abhi did not like her because she is fat. She decides to cut her weight down and joins a slimming center that belongs to Size Zero Satyanand (Prakash Raj). Due to failure of treatment offered by Satyananda in the name of Size Zero, Soundarya’s friend faces kidney failure. How Soundarya fights for her friend, how she deals with Satyanand and what happens between Abhi and Soundarya makes remaining part of the story.


The troubles faced by a fat lady can be shown either in a jovial way or in a sympathetic manner. Or initially it could be jovial and later on be shown sympathetically. If such a concept is shown in any of the above three ways, audiences will receive it well. But director Prakash Kovelamudi has made it in a fourth way. Unnecessary social service, not so situational sayings, scenes far from Telugu nativity, one or two love tracks…director has mixed all of them and made the film in a way that is not so impressive. Since screenplay is not great, entry of Nagarjuna, Rana, Lakshmi Manchu and others would be of no great help. PVP production values are good. Anushka has not much scope for action. Master Bharat, Saudarya’s brother, tries to entertain audiences. Brahmanandam’s character has been wasted, as usual. Posani’s character is of no use in the film. Prakash Raj has no scope for action. Adivi Sesh’s character is also of no use. Attempts to win Tamil market did not work out.


Rating – 2.5/5.0



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