11/16/15 2:43 PM

Small Shop Gets Rs.77 Crore Electricity Bill




Neither is it a five star hotel nor a multiplex theatre. It is not even a shopping mall. How much electricity bill does a huge building get on an average? In thousands? Lakhs? It is fine with the big buildings but here is a case in which a small tyre repair shop received an electricity bill of as much as Rs.77.89 crore. The number is shocking for us even to listen. What would be the position of the man who saw it with own eyes!

The shocking incident took place in Faridabad in Haryana where an ordinary man named Surender received electricity bill of Rs.77.89 crore. The huge power bill bewildered Surender. His mother was shaken up on seeing the amount. The man was worried that there was no possibility that bill could amount to more than Rs.2,000 since only a light and a fan function in his shop.

When Surender enquired with Electricity Department, he got to know the actual matter. They found that it was a technical issue and billing was wrongly done by computer. Locals say that such incidents occur now and then in Haryana. This is another example of officials of Dakshin Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam. A pan shop received an electricity bill of Rs.132 cr in past. Before that, another consumer received a bill of Rs.234 crore.



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