08/25/15 5:28 AM

Smart Villages: Tata Signs MoU with Govt of AP


Tata group Chairman Ratan Tata signed a Memorandum of Understanding with AP CM Chandrababu Naidu to fulfill the requirements of villages through Smart Village scheme. There are around 264 villages in Vijayawada parliamentary constituency. The Smart Villages initiative focuses on human resource development, employment, nutrition for people, health of mother and child, fisheries, cultivation of bamboo, establishing industries and basic amenities. Andhra Pradesh government has signed MoU with Tata Trust over these aspects.




In a meeting held at Enikepadu in Vijayawada, Tata signed the MoU. The business tycoon got to know about lives of people in the villages through a presentation. “I’m here to support the MoU with the State to undertake various social projects. At the end of my career, I realise that money can’t buy one thing…and, that is to create an excitement in your life. At this point of time, to be associated with Chandrababu Naidu, is what creates that excitement within me. The new State will have every bit of support that I can personally give,” said Ratan Tata.

When CM Chandrababu Naidu spoke, he expressed happiness about the MoU signed with Tata Trust. Smart villages must first be transformed into smart wards, he said. While 10 thousand villages have already been adopted by different persons and organizations, the CM mentioned that 6 thousand villages are yet to be adopted. “Not only is Tata fuelling the start-up ecosystem, he is promoting and encouraging entrepreneurs and ideas that excite him. He is driving India’s start-up growth,” Chandrababu said.



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