09/21/15 5:26 AM

Smriti Irani Challenges Rahul Gandhi After Being Served Legal Notice


Union HRD Minister Smriti Irani challenged Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi and the Congress party to get her arrested when she addressed a rally in Amethi on Sunday. Smriti said that she is ready at any given time to raise voice for people of Amethi. It is known that legal notice was served to Smriti Irani as she alleged that Rajiv Gandhi Trust has illegally grabbed land of farmers of the place, in response to which she made these comments on Sunday. She commented ’some people are really worried over my regular visits to Amethi’, indirectly intending Rahul Gandhi and his party. The Union minister said, “I welcome the Congress Party’s move to send me the notice because the truth will now be revealed here in Amethi. If I have been given a notice because I have raised the voice of people of Amethi then I am ready to accept 100 such notices”.




It is known that Smriti Irani lost 2014 Lok Sabha elections to Rahul Gandhi when she contested from Amethi constituency. She addressed a rally of people belonging to the constituency on Sunday, when she said, “I want to tell the Congress Party that they should not consider the women of this country weak. In case Rahul or the Congress party has the opinion, they must definitely change it. I am not afraid of any one to speak on behalf of the people of Amethi”.



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