05/11/16 2:29 PM

Snake Gang: Life Sentence to Convicts


Ranga Reddy court has delivered sensational verdict in snake gang case that marked terrific incidents in Hyderabad two years ago. Out of the eight convicts in the case, the district court imposed life imprisonment to seven of them. Stating that the men had made society feel shameful with their devilish acts and that they do not  have the right to live in  this society. Seven men of the snake gang who have been convicted are:

Faizal Dayani

Khadar Baraq

Tayyab Aslam

Mohammed Parwez

Khaza Ahmed

Mohammed Ibrahim.

A-8 Ali Baraq Ba has been sentenced to 20 months in jail by court because he did not assault women like others in the gang. Ali Baraq Ba requested judge today to consider him by saying that he is 65-year-old and he is the source for his poor family. Justice who heard the man ‘s request pronounced imprisonment of 20 months to him. Since the case has been registered, ie., since 20 months, Ali Baraq had been in Charalapally jail. So, court passed orders to police officials to release him since he had already served the term of imprisonment.



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