05/11/16 5:16 PM

Snake Gang Psychos behave Strangely in Court


Humans generally commit crimes when they lose their cool or in uncontrollable situations. People who serve prison usually repent for the atrocities that they committed. Courts pronounce imprisonment for convicts in order to make them realize that what they had done is not right. However, some psychos do not even realize that they had committed crimes. In fact, they feel that they have achieved something. One such group of psychos is the Old City Snake Gang. During pronouncement of Verdict in the snake gang case in Ranga Reddy district court yesterday, when the judge asked them if they wanted to say something, they did not say a word.  Even after the police have presented them at court with clear proofs, the gang of men stood at the court fearless, arguing that they had not done anything wrong. It is known that the district court sentenced seven of the eight convicts to life in jail.



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