06/3/15 11:52 AM

Solar-Powered Coaches – Indian Railways Steps Forward



The Indian Railways has finally decided to take a step forward by starting operation of solar-powered trains, which even reduces pollution. The prototype of the solar power-enabled coach (not engine) is undergoing trials, and soon the entire train will be fitted with solar panels, officials said. They said that while solar power will significantly bring down diesel consumption, it will also prove to be cost-effective. At present, nearly 17 units of electricity are being generated from the solar power enabled coach. By cutting down the consumption of 90 thousand litres of diesel per year, emission of 200 tonnes of carbon di-oxide can be stopped, said officials. They also mentioned that crores of rupees of money is spent on running diesel trains. Alternative methods for running trains like usage of bio-diesel, natural gas will also be researched along with usage of solar power, they said. CNG (natural gas) is being used in local trains on Rohtak–Rewari section of Delhi Division. The dual fuel concept of using CNG and diesel has also helped in saving fuel and money, said railway authorities.



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