sivaji special status


Actor Sivaji who has seriously been protesting against government over special status to Andhra Pradesh state has come up with a new idea. He sang a rap song. Also he featured in the video which deals with various issues related to the special status to Andhra Pradesh state. The actor who is away from films at the moment has been trying to make his mark in Indian politics and is leaving no stone unturned to grab attention. Also he is able to get decent support from public. This new rap song was released last night and is based on the injustice being done to AP state by political parties. He appeals to people to come forward to fight at least now as there is imbalanced split in everything, including resources, reservoirs etc. The highlight point in the video is issues being faced by farmers. ‘Come Forward…Don’t Afraid… Special Status…Achieve My Friend. We want Special Status…There is no other choice’… are the lyric in the song.

Watch the video song by BJP leader, actor, Sivaji on Special Status for AP state below:




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