08/12/15 5:12 AM

Special Status or Separate Country; Choose One: Sivaji

sivaji special status

sivaji special status


Actor, BJP leader Sivaji made sensational comments over special status for AP. Either grant special status or abandon AP as a separate country he demanded. Sivaji made these comments last evening after successful commencement of bandh in AP for special status. He said that if government does not want to grant special status to the state consisting of 5 crore people, it should separate it as a special country. None of the 5 crore public will be happy for this Independence day, so why to celebrate it, he questioned. ‘When our lives and those of our future generations are not happy, when what we were promised and what should be given to us is not being granted, why should we live in this country?’, Sivaji fired. ‘When other Indians themselves are deceiving us, who should we tell our problems to and why should we even utter the name of Bharat Maatha’ he said. Every political leader in AP should fight for special status, putting aside their selfishness and political reasons, he gave a call. People from Hindupuram through Srikakulam voluntarily took part in the bandh, he said yesterday. He expressed that all the struggle to for future generations.



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