10/29/15 4:53 PM

Sreenu Vaitla to Face Rs.10 Cr Defamation Suit?

sreenu vaitla bruce lee kona venkar

sreenu vaitla bruce lee kona venkar


Bad time is running for Bruce Lee director Sreenu Vaitla.  His wife Rupa recently filed harassment case against him and withdrew it after the involvement of some seniors, thus relieving the director to some extent. It looks like a new trouble is going to hit Sreenu Vaitla. Going into detail… Bruce Lee The Fighter turned to be a flop. Sreenu Vaitla then started gossiping that Kona Venkat & co. modified the script, making the writer responsible for failure of the film. The news reached Kona Venkat through someone and he is furious on Sreenu Vaitla for the propaganda. With this, Kona Venkat filed Rs.10 crore defamation suit against Sreenu Vaitla.

Considering past…Ram Charan firmly said that he will star in Sreenu Vaitla’s film only if writers Kona Venkat and Gopi Mohan work for it. Sreenu Vaitla hesitantly agreed and worked with the writers. Based on Sreenu Vaitla’s idea, Kona Venkat penned down a bound script. Sreenu Vaitla who initially suggested slight changes to that script slowly started directing his own without relating to Kona’s script. Kona Venkat who observed this informed hero Ram Charan and producer DVV.Danayya about the same. They trusted Sreenu Vaitla and convinced Kona that the director would take care of the film. As the shoot for Bruce Lee ended, there was a lot of difference between the script Kona Venkat narrated and the one that has been directed. Sreenu Vaitla started spreading that Bruce Lee remained a flop because Kona & Co. modified the script.This infuriated Kona Venkat. He decided to file defamation suit alleging that his name has been mentioned in script credits but his script was not used for Bruce Lee. He also said that he will upload original script online for fans to view and note the difference, say sources. On the other hand, it is observed that Tollywood biggies are trying to calm down the writer and the director. They feel that Sreenu vaitla will have to face tough time if he does not change his behavior and attitude.

Another interesting update is that when buyers are devastated with the collections of Bruce Lee, Kona Venkat made a satirical post over Bruce Lee a few minutes ago on Twitter. See the tweet made by him below:



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