05/6/16 5:16 PM

Srikanth Addala Chops 2 Songs from Brahmotsavam | Mahesh Babu

Brahmotsavam Ugadi

PVP Cinema, the makers of superstar Mahesh Babu ‘s upcoming starrer Brahmotsavam have cut down the film by considerable amount, say reliable sources. With pressure from Prasad V Potluri, director Srikanth Addala has chopped from Brahmotsavam, two songs that were beautifully picturized. Going into detail, after the final edit of the film the entire duration amounted to 2 hrs 35 minutes. PVP Prasad felt that if the run time is so high, audiences would definitely be bored and it will affect the response of Brahmotsavam. So, he firmly asked the director to trim the film. In this context, after going through once again, Prasad asked the director to chop down two songs and a few scenes from the film. Since Srikanth Addala also felt that it is the right choice, he proceeded and cut down 20 minutes in total. The audio composed by Mickey J Meyer is going to be released on a grand note tomorrow in Hyderabad. Mahesh Babu will be announcing the release date of the film tomorrow at the music launch event. Stay tuned for more updates.

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