03/1/16 5:45 PM

Srikanth Comments on Directors


Srikanth, one of the senior actor of Telugu film industry, initially worked as a villain in a few movies. Soon after that, he turned a hero and did some remarkable movies in his career. At one point he had great line in making movies, which drastically gave good roles to do in his career. Srikanth ‘s latest film Terror is a suspense thriller film which is performing well in theaters and making good collections. The movie was currently competing with similar genre film Kshanam, which is driving decent number of viewers to theaters.

Now, this versatile actor speaks about director. He compared present generation directors with old directors, and said that in olden times, the movie promotion strategies used by directors are completely different from those of current generation directors. Both are great in their own generations, and Srikanth feels proud to act with both generation directors. He also added that, working under the latest technology makes movie makers easy and wide to publicize movie, which helps in bringing movie lovers to the theaters. This mutually helps both viewers and movie makers, he said. Srikanth is an great actor, because even in this competitive film industry he is choosing good movies to do and creating a buzz and branding for himself.



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