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’Srimanthudu is a Copy of My Story’ Says..?

mahesh srimanthudu controversy

Srimanthudu movie starring superstar Mahesh Babu and Shruti Haasan which was released on 7th August is a blockbuster. Now, around 7 weeks after release of the film, a man named Sarath Chandra alleged that Srimanthudu story was originally written by him. Sarath Chandra claimed that he had written a story titled ‘Chachentha Prema’ in 2012 for Swathi magazine and that Koratala Siva directed Srimanthudu based on his story. It is surprising to see that and after a lot of discussion over story of Srimanthudu and nearly 50 days after release of the film, Sharath Chandra now realized that it is a copy of his story. Based on what the man says, he wrote a serial story titled Chachentha Prema to Swathi magazine. What did he actually write?…




Some people in a village named Devarakota will be protesting against construction of a project due to which they would become homeless. A man (Jagapathi Babu) belonging to the village wants to become an MLA and serve his people. But some try to create clashes between the man and the group of protesting people because of which he leaves the village. After a few years, the man grows politically and becomes Home Minister. His college-going son falls in love with a girl student. The girl also likes him but later starts distancing from him after coming to know that he is the son of Home Minister who totally abandoned his village. The hero who gets to know this goes to his father’s birthplace and develops it.’ This is the concept of Chachentha Prema in short. To our surprise, name of the village in this episode is Devarakota whereas, in Srimanthudu, it is Devarakonda.

Story of Srimanthudu is similar to that of Chachentha Prema. But ‘hero’s father in the episode is a minister but in Srimanthudu, Jagapathi babu is a business magnate… except this everything is same as in my story’, alleged Sarath Chandra. He also said that he had already narrated the story to Nara Rohit in past, who allegedly nodded to it. Sarath Chandra mentioned that he did not concentrate on the issue all these days since he was busy with some work in Kerala. He said that he got to know this only after many of his friends rang him up and told him that the story of Srimanthudu is same as the one written by him. With this Sarath Chandra watched Srimanthudu after coming back to Hyderabad. He says that he has got membership in Cine Writers Association and will file a case against Koratala Siva.


mahesh srimanthudu controversy




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