01/9/16 12:44 PM

Star Director Sacks 20 Employees for Leaking Affair with Heroine


He is a star director in Tollywood. Heroes in his films are shown as perverts or arrogant. He also directed the top two Tollywood heroes. He scored blockbuster hits by making films based on hero’s characterization. He is the most favorite student of a star director who is becoming very much popular through Twitter rather than his films now-a-days. If one wants to work as an assistant to this director, recommendations by CMs or opposition leaders is a must. This Tollywood director is said to be very helpful to others when they need help. He recently fell head over heels in love with a heroine. He also passed statements saying that the heroine was his life with his companions. The actress who tried to make the most of the opportunity given by her darling director started interfering too much in all his professional affairs. Assistant directors, writers, office boys working at the director’s office who did not like the actress’s overindulgence started saying about the nuisance created by the director’s lover to their media friends and associates in industry. The news gradually propagated in entire Tollywood and reached star heroes and their wives. With this, the wives of top Tollywood stars started pressurizing their actor husbands not to allot dates to that director at any cost. The director who observed variation in the behavior of star heroes with him came to know that his staff members are leaking his personal matters to outsiders. So, the star director sacked 20 employees for leaking affair with heroine to others. With this, those who have been based on this top director since years are worried and are trying in all possible ways to get back to work at the director’s office.



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