A student in Hyderabad who tried to jump from one building to another died after accidentally falling off a building. Going into detail…

A friend of a student named Sai Kiran (19) who resides in Balaji Boys Hostel in Basheerbad asked him to jump from an adjacent building into their hostel corridor. The friend said that whoever does the act will be the greatest of them. The other boy named Bharath has done it. So, taking up the challenge, the other boy reached adjacent building which is also a hostel, named Akshay. While trying to jump from third floor of that building to their hostel corridor, Sai accidentally fell to the ground. Since he fell from such height, Sai’s nerves in the neck got pinched and he suffered severe injuries on the head. Sai passed away while undergoing treatment in a hospital. Sai trying to jump and falling off were all recorded on a CCTV cameras fixed in the hostel corridors.

Sai Kiran belongs to Khammam and was pursuing Engineering 1st Year in Narasimha Reddy Engineering College. He was residing in the college hostel named Balaji Boys Hostel. Police filed a case and are investigating Bharath who was a part of the game. Other students in the hostel informed police that such dangerous deeds are witnessed every now and then in the hostel. There is only a gap of 3 feet between Balaji and Akshaya hostels and the building comprises three floors. Some students who reside in third floor might have friends in first floor. Many of them who do not want to climb all three floors every time jump floors to meet their friends, said the hostel boys. Policemen were shocked to hear this from the students. They also told them that they complained several times to hostel management and asked for fencing but they never bothered. With this it is clear that the negligence of management has caused death of a student.

Bharath who realized that he was the one who was responsible for death of Sai Kiran has been sobbing but it is too late! It was just a game but a deadly one. Friends can play games and make challenges but not those of this type that take lives. Also managements should take necessary measures now at least. It is their responsibility to take care of the students.




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