05/21/15 5:48 AM

Subrahmanian Swamy: It was due to Absent mindedness, Dont make a Scene

subrahmanian swamy

subrahmanian swamy


BJP senior leader Subrahmanian Swamy pulled himself into controversy by trying to tie knot to a bride, to whose marriage he was invited as the Chief Guest. Subrahmanian Swamy reacted to the trolls being made over various sites regarding the matter after a video of his act, captured at the wedding was posted online. Swamy made clear through social media that he had no other intentions. To the wedding of a BJP leader that was being held in Tamil Nadu, Subrahmanian Swamy was invited s chief guest. With due respect, he was given the Mangalsutra and was asked to give it to the groom. Due to absent-mindedness, Subrahmanian himself tried to tie the knot to the bride, and that was when another BJP leader VS Chandralekha who was right beside him intervened and asked him to give the mangalsutra to the bride. Thus Subrahmanian Swamy got prevented from getting into huge trouble.


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